We help our clients build viral moments for lasting impressions
using social media platforms as our digital playground.
We deliver full-range social media marketing solutions and creative campaigns

Our team has over 15 years experience working with brands and entrepreneurs who value their online presence and overall social identity. We work with our clients to deliver clear and concise messaging across their social platforms ensuring high rates of customer engagement and retention.

Whether you’re trying to make a lasting impression or stand-out from the crowd, never underestimate the value of unique social media marketing campaigns and “stunts” to gain their attention.  We deliver social media marketing, design and content generation to help you reach your target audience.

Many production companies like to use outside resources on a project-to-project basis.  At Idea Baux, we like to do things a little different.  By keeping all of our resources and talent in-house, we are able to deliver cost-effective solutions to our clients.

The art of film production, videography, cinematography and film making is one that we don’t take lightly.  These skills take many years to develop and perfect, and while we still have a lot to learn, we’re confident you will be impressed with our film production capabilities.

Social Media

With the ever changing landscape that is social media, brands need to make sure that their social presence is creative, unique and visible. Maximize event and marketing platforms through these social avenues. Excellent way to keep followers instantly updated.

Film Production

Film production, videography, cinematography and film making are all crucial in this industry.  These skills take many years to develop, and while we still have a lot to learn, we’re confident you will be impressed with our film production capabilities. Our experience gives us the ability to offer our customers many things our competitors can not.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is applied in the entertainment industry in decoration, scenery and visual story telling. Other examples of design for entertainment purposes include novels, vinyl album covers, comic books, DVD covers, opening and closing credits in filmmaking  and programs and props on stage. This could also include artwork used for T-shirts and other items screen printed for sale.

We do more than Film & Video. We offer a wide variety of creative services and marketing strategy

Our team of experts can assist in any issue from increasing sales to building a strong lasting company image. The wide range of capabilities we offer makes it so easy for our customers to build rep-our with us.

Marketing & Design

Our unique touch will leave you with the ultimate return satisfaction . The combination of personalized design with ahead of the curve marketing techniques puts them a step ahead of competition.

Media/Video Production

The film industry has relied on massive marketing and advertising budgets to get their products out into the market place. This financial hurdle has been seen as a step to far and high for independent filmmakers.

Websites & Promos

There are so many strategies and approaches; the smartest thing to do is to figure out which of the online promotion strategies will suit your business best, and which could bring the biggest potential and benefits.

Culture & Engagement

Providing cohesive ways to keep coworkers/employees engaged and competitive in a healthy construct. Positive culture is crucial in the hierarchy of a company.

Build perfect websites
Personal connection that can not be matched anywhere else

Our swagger puts you at the front of the market. Guaranteed a website and social media that leaves a higher profit margin impression. Specializing in methods unknown to our competitors.

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Unique digital experiences
Impressional Bauxs you can send to your customers to help grow with them.

These customizable bauxs can be sent to customs, prospects, etc. to make a growable impression. Simplistic way of symbolizing the seed and root analogy with the end user plus not to mention the end product.

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Creativity Experts

Flawless methods that keep both parties with the same end goal in sight.


Packing & Printing

Meeting the wide variety of needs from the next level techniques to the traditional stuff we are always a step ahead of the competition.


Work Place Diagnosis

Understandings a company’s media and marketing capacity is set by the parameters of the staffs capabilities.

We create premium designs and technology

We help design memorable brands through online digital experiences that engage the right customers.

At Idea Baux we know the value in creating a lasting first impression for your brand.

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Beautiful and easy to understand UI, professional animations and drag & drop

With years of experience in the website design and development industry ThemeZaa pride ourselves on creating unique, creative and quality designs that are developed upon the latest modern coding and developing techniques, which are then built using the most up to date, structured coding framework so that your development team can take it to the next level with ease.

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