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We provide high quality photo editing services
Professional Photo Editing

Our company offers professional online photo editing service.

Time-sensitive Projects

We are very determined to achieve our clients needs and we are ready to finish the job on time.

Highest Quality Services

The key to improving or correcting an image is what we call “post production” a process of adjusting the right levels of color, brightness and even size of the photograph.

Our Photo Retouching Services Include:
  • Retouching Portraits in Photoshop (Wrinkles Removal, Skin Smoothening, Whitening Teeth)
  • Wedding Photo Retouching Services (Culling and Photo Color Correction)
  • High End Photo Retouching Services (Beauty Retouching, Make Up Creation, Hair Retouching, Body Reshaping)
  • Product Photo Retouching Services (Backgroung Removal, Color Correction, Shadow and Reflection Creation)
  • Jewellery Retouching Services
  • Real Estate Photo Editing Services (Image enhancement,HDR Photo Editing)
  • Custom Image Retouching Services
  • Clipping Path & Masking Service
  • Photo Manipulation services
  • Old Photo Retouch & Restoration Services
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Clipping Path Service Background Remover

One of the fastest way to remove a background is using fast clipping path service. It is the solution to your problem in removing any background of your product.


Background Removal

Knocking out a background of an image is very easy especially when using the right tools. Clipping or “clipping path” is one of the most ways in removing a background of an image.



Restoration of old images is important to recover those lost torn parts. Photographs over time are damaged due to humidity, age, time or simply poor storage. Using digital technology we can now restore images digitally.


Portrait Enhancement

Enhancing portraits is a process of various procedure which involves retouching, repairing and fixing. Color correction is required by adjusting brightness, contrast, highlights, temperature and tint.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We work hard to get your work done quickly, and right the first time. But when we don’t? We rework your images until we get them right. It doesn’t matter if we messed up, you forgot something, or just the nature of communication.

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Why Choose Idea Baux?

01.One-Stop Solution for All Photo Editing Needs

We offer a wide asset of professional photo editing services for photographers, advertising companies and just those, who care about the visual quality of their pictures.

02.Skilled team of photo editors

Skillful team is a definite key to success in every business. That is why we carefully select every photo editor basing on the practical skills and eagerness to show off creativity when editing photos.

03.24×7 client support

If you set us as your photo editing partner, you may contact us any time you need. We offer 24/7 customer care and exactly this enables us to meet all clients` demands.

04.100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Quick outsource photography editing does not always mean that final photos will lose in quality. Our specialists have found a satisfactory golden middle between top quality and quick results.

We provide high quality and cost effective services.

Digital photo editing service is a process of picture improving using a varied range of computer programs like Adobe Photoshop or LightRoom. Definitely our unsurpassed photo editors have competency to meet all requirements of photographers. The range of our clients varies impressively. We have collaborated with professional portrait studios, international publishing houses, popular online stores and real estate companies.

Jquery - 4 years Experience

Wordpress - 6 years Experience

HTML5 - 5 years Experience

Photography - 6 years Experience

01. Discussion
A quick conversation to consult about your needs will assist in developing a clear project plan.
02. Creative Concept
Every editor is responsible for a certain range of photo editing techniques, which enables them to improve skills they deal with every working day.
03. Production
Our photo editors never stop watching all modern trends in professional photo editing. In order to remain competitive we must be aware of all newly appeared photo editing tools.
4. Happy Client
We want our photo editing services to be affordable for every photographer. That is our goal and that is what we want to populate. But low pricing does not mean low quality. You can look at our photo editing portfolio to make sure it is real.