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Story Boarding
Thumbnail sketches

Thumbnail is often the rough version of a storyboard, which is produced quickly with minimum details. This makes a great option for clients who do not need a “finished” look, as they can use thumbnail rough storyboards for the pitch.

Black and White Story Boards

Black and white storyboard is a panel, which is cleaner and has a more finished look when compared to a thumbnail storyboard. Here, simple grey tones are imparted to enhance the details. These storyboards are perfect for creating a pitch or animatic.

Color Story Boards

These storyboards are just like the regular storyboards with the only difference being the color tones, which are added to enhance its details. Colored panels are often used for a commercial spot or a treatment pitch.

Concept Panels

Concept panels are more finished and tighter illustrations, which can be in color or in black and white. These panels make a perfect option for a commercial spot or a client pitch that requires highly rendered images for selling the idea. Our artists will create impressive concept panels that amaze your clients.

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Storyboards for Creative Direction

Certain projects require higher creative involvement. For such projects our team of copywriters, designers, and art directors will develop even an unclear idea into a completely blown, well-executed script and storyboard, which can be used for production.

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Tools We Leverage for Storyboard Illustrations


Each step is a point in the storyboard’s interaction flow. It is made up of a box with a scene or a screen, and some text.


Containers for scenes, screens, or scenes with screens in them.


The basic building blocks of interactive UI design that make up your Indigo prototype. They include interactions and can be run.


Pictures that represent real life situations where technology is used.Pictures that represent real life situations where technology is used.

What are story boards good for?

The reason stories and storytelling are so effective in software is simply because stories reflect the way we live our lives. Stories are a millennia-old way of relating human experience, and even before there were words, people were using pictures to communicate their experiences. So it is only natural and makes sense to use them to relate human experiences that involve software. More than that, they help keep what is a very technologically-heavy endeavor focused on the human experiences that it is meant to support.

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