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Screen Printed Promotional Items

Promotional items

Choose from a variety of methods to have your promo items printed with your custom design, logo, or have us design them for you using heat transfer printing, screen printing, foil printing, vinyl printing, and more.

Our Offerings

We offer printing on T- shirts, but also for tote bags, aprons, hoodies, head wear, infants and toddler clothing, pants, shorts, tank tops, towels underwear and woven shirts.

Competitive Pricing

Not only are our rates competitive with industry standards, we offer customization of your products with a team of highly experienced designers. Let’s leave the templates behind and find a design that no other company will have.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a time-tested stenciling technique used to apply inked images to a wide variety of substrates. Using a stencil, or a series of stencils, the ink is distributed to the desired area.

Screen Printing Process

At the core of the screen printing process is a mesh screen material that has been stretched tightly across a rigid frame. Though silk mesh was used at one time, modern mesh is often woven from polyester or stainless steel threads.


One of the main advantages of screen printing is its versatility. While offset and digital printing methods are still the best choices for high-resolution printing on paper, screen printing opens up a whole new world of substrate options.


Another major advantage of screen printing is its durability. Compared to other printing methods, the screen printing process can apply very heavy ink coverage, resulting in a longer-lasting design.


A third advantage of screen printing is the vibrancy of the ink colors. The greater ink thickness achieved with the screen printing method means more color pigments are applied to the substrate. The more pigments, the bolder and brighter the colors.

Unlimited Options

The screen printing process can apply long-lasting images to virtually any printable surface, including fabric, vinyl, rigid plastic, foam board, metal, glass and many others.

Screen Printing for all of your needs
  • Indoor and Outdoor Banners
  • Decals, Labels and Nameplates
  • Yard Signs
  • Vehicle Mirror Hangers
  • Company T-shirts
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